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Music I listen to

I listen to a little bit of everything really. Rock, pop, country, metal, alternative.....I love it all. Music is a great form of expression. If you can find a song that speaks to you, don't let the genre of song be what decides if you listen to it or not. Listen to it for the music, not the fad. Some of my favorite bands and singers are the following.

The City Drive
Ozzy Osbourne
Breaking Benjamin
My Chemical Romance
The Used
No Doubt
Ashlee Simpson (yeah I said it!)
Tim McGraw
Martina McBride

and various others

Movies I like

Honestly I like all movies as long as they are tasteful.....Well maybe tasteful is to extreem of a word, because I love Harold and Kumar. The only thing I really didn't like about the second one was the "bottomless party.".........Hand me a movie and I will watch it. Comedy, Horror, Drama, Action, or even B-rated whatever. These are some of my favorites.

Spiderman 1-3 (I still say 2 was the best)
X-Men 1-3
Saw (all of them)
Harry Potter (all of them)
Psycho Beach Party
Sweeny Todd
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Natural Born Killers
How to Loose A Guy In 10 Days
Star Wars (All of them)
Harold and Kumar
Van Wilder
King Arthur
A Knight's Tale
Interview With A Vampire
The New Guy
Smokin' Aces
Mr. Nanny (Hulk Hogan rocks)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Muppets (In general)
The Labryinth
Nightmare Before Christmas
Sleepy Hollow

and various others

Interesting facts about me

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